Sites of Projection – Vogelsang, 2014 Katharina Bosse

Images from multiple sources, historic and comtemporary, create layers.

I was interested to see these layers recreated in three-dimensional space.

Using historic images from the “Ordensburg Vogelsang” archives, I projected them onto the same location as the original, with the help of several assistants and a heavy, transportable power generator.

Thingstätte im Nationalsozialismus interdisziplinäres Forschungsprojekt Kunst & WissenschaftFotografie Architektur Geschichte FH Bielefeld Katharina Bosse

The historic photograph of the inauguration ceremony of the Thingstätte was projected
onto the stone on its left side, letting us see a double image, past and present, at the
same time. 2014

The Thingstätte at Ordensburg Vogelsang is part of an architectural ensemble, using topographic layers and a mix of architecture and sculpture.

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