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This Project is based on the volunteer work of contributors, editors, translators, researchers and artists. Thank you! (P.S. This Project startet in 2013 - if you have assisted and I left you out of this list - please send me an email: and I'll add you)

Katharina Bosse (DEU)

Rebecca Budde de Cancino (DEU)

Doug Fitch (USA)

Jan Merlin Friedrich (DEU)

Jakob Ganslmeier (DEU)

Bernhard Gelderblom (DEU)

Andrea Grützner (DEU)

Rebecca Hackemann (USA)

Konstantin Karchevskiy (RUS)

Hendrik Lüders (DEU)

Daniel Mirer (USA)

Felix Nürmberger (DEU)

Ralph Pache (DEU)

Abhijit Pal (IND)

Philipp Robien (DEU)

Jewgeni Roppel (DEU)

Simon Schubert (DEU)

Kuno Seltmann (DEU)

Erica Shires (USA)

Gerwin Strobl (GBR)

Beata Wielgosik (POL)

Thomas Wrede (DEU)

Stefan Wunsch (DEU)

Website Design and Programming

Special Thanks for the support to Palasthotel and Nathow & Geppert

Historic Research

Tobias Abt

Anja Horstmann

Video Editing

Merve Bebek

Pascal Mächtlen

Video Sound Themes

Hanns Basiner


Allison Plath-Moseley

Friederike “Freddie” Debachy

Pauline Hackemann

Maria Bosse-Sporleder


Robert Lüdtke

Christian Hemmer

Fabian Lehmann

Elisabeth Moch

Nassim Rad

Lutz Rödig

Jasmine Shah

Leif Stohlmann

Alexia Zamuner

Equipment rental

Fachbereich Gestaltung, FH Bielefeld

This Project was funded by

and the many artists, scientists, volunteers, and citizens like you working on behalf of this open-access database.

Thank you.

Prof. Katharina Bosse, FB Gestaltung, FH Bielefeld, Germany

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