Berlin Waldbühne – built as a Thingstätte – Notes

Even though the open-air stage was built in the sense of a Thing site, it was never called that. On the one hand, because the Nazi regime had already distanced itself from the Thing movement, on the other hand, the one in Berlin was planned as one of three elements of the Berlin “Reichssportfeld” next to the Olympic Stadium and the Maifeld within the framework of the 1936 Summer Olympics. One did not want to provoke any international problems, especially with this prestigious project.[1]

Construction begin/Inauguration 

1934/ Aug 2nd 1936

Architect : Werner March, Berlin

Historical Description/Present Day

 Dietrich-Eckart-Bühne[2] / Waldbühne[3]

Historical Use

02.08.1936 zur Einweihungsfeier„Frankenburger Würfelspiel“ by E.W. Möller
August 1936 at the Olympic Summer Games (2 performances) Dance Play with moving choir : „Olympische Jugend“ by Carl Diem
August 1936 at the Olympic Summer Games (multiple performances) „Herakles“ by G. F. Händel, directed by Hans Niedecken- Gebhard
August 1936 at the Olympic Summer GamesMoving choir: „Vom Tauwind und der neuen Freude“
Aug 15. – 19.1937 for the 700th Centenary of Berlin (2 performances)„Herakles“ by G. F. Händel
Aug 15. – 19.1937 for the 700th Centenary of Berlin„Orpheus und Eurydike“ by C. W. Gluck

Current Use

Numerous Events: Concerts, Stage shows, Film shows, Live broadcasts of Football league games etc.

Useful information

The final dimensions of the amplification system exceeded those of the Heidelberg Thingstätte by far. According to the local source it was possible to connect over 60 microphones, which transmitted the sound to 10 loudspeakers. There was also the possibility of broadcasting via the radio network. In the same way it could be linked to the loudspeaker system of the nearby May Day Parade Ground and the Olympic Stadium, making it possible to reach a potential audience of 500.000 people simultaneously.[5]

chzeitig erreichen konnte.[5]

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