Transcript video Bückeberg – Interview about the historic Reichserntedankfest under National Socialism

Bückeberg – site of the historic Reichserntedankfest under National Socialism. Interview with the historian Bernhard Gelderblom 2014

„Der Weg durchs Volk“ – the way through the people. That was the most important ritual of this event. To bring Hitler and the people together. He stopped and the people touched him and they loved him, and so on. 

The Thingstätte was not fully completed. You can see a big wall here, 8 m high and 8 m wide. In this wall they planned to build the toilets. For the people it was like a pilgrimage. Some of them went three days by foot to this place to see him. People cried a lot. The big stand was for about 5000 people. Hitler could look down and there was this big military spectacle. It lasted about half an hour. 

We have several of these stones here on the still visible path that was named ‘Führer’s way‘. 

We are standing now on the lower ground of the hill. From here to the top it´s about 600m. You can see the middle way – the ‘Führer´s Way‘ – because only Hitler was allowed to take this path. The people came from the sides, west and east. Originally the path ended 50m from here. You can see the huge area for about one million people to stand here, waiting for Hitler and crying when he finally came. 

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