Thingstätte Bergen on the island Rügen – notes

Bergen on Rügen / Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania

On the Rugard, which is a hill on the island of Rügen, in an axis with a historical castle rampart and a monument inaugurated in 1937, there was a Thingplatz. This was one of the first in the entire territory of the Reich and was also among the 66 of the construction program. The name “Celebration Place of the HJ” was given to this place because of the regular use of the Hitler Youth. Today the place is used for events of all kinds.[1]

Start of construction / Inauguration
1934 / May 25th 1935

Ernst Zinsser, Berlin

Designation historical / contemporary
Thingplatz / Rugard stage / celebration place of the HJ. (since 1938)

Historical use

1935 “Death and the Empire” by Hans Rehberg (performed by the Pommersche Spielgemeinschaft)
“Feast by the sea” by Veit Rosskopf
Since 1935 Solstice celebrations of the Hitler Youth[2]

Use contemporary
Open air festivals, cinema performances, concerts, other eventsühne-Rügen/


Originally planned for mid-September 1934, the completion and inauguration of the Thingplatz in Bergen auf Rügen did not take place until 1935. The simply designed site consists of a playground and fireplace in the shape of a circle surrounded by a semicircle with seats. The “Hans Mallon Memorial”, where the body of a murdered Hitlerjunge was to be buried, was added to the Thingplatz between June 30, 1935 and June 21, 1937 by the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge.[3]
Today the square is used as a venue for concerts, celebrations and dances.[4]

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