Borna Thingstätte – notes

Borna / Saxony

With the laying of the foundation stone on 11.08.1934 Borna was part of the first building program of the Reichsverband.[5]With its semi-circular auditorium, the Thingplatz is based on the classical ancient theater and was often compared in Nazi literature to the facility at the Reichsparteitagsgelände. [6]The Thingplatz in Borna is one of the few that have been used until today since their inauguration, although not continously. Admittedly, no events were held here during the war, but at the time of the GDR the building was again used for events.[1]

Begin of construction / inauguration
1934 / Aug 31st 1935
Fritz Schaller, Berlin
Name historic / contemporary
At first “Thingplatz”, after 1936 „Stätte der Volksgemeinschaft“ (Site of the People’s Community) / from 1949 „Volksplatz“ (People’s Square)
Historic Usage

Aug 31st 1935„Ein Thingplatz wurde gebaut“ (A Thingstätte was built) by A. Schroeder on the official opening of the Thing site
1936Mid-summer Play by A. Schroeder
1938„Dornröschen“ Sleeping Beauty with school children from all the schools in Borna[2]
June 04.-11.1939„Würfelspiel“ (planned)
Aug 26th 1939„Tannenberg“ by Basner (planned)


Contemporary Usage

Numerous events for children, film shows and open-air concerts

Immediately after re-unification the area was not in use, but in 1994 the Society for the Preservation and Promotion of the People’s Square was founded, which advanced its renewed use. Nowadays various types of events are cultivated, especially diverse parties and concerts.


Further Info:

After the Second World War, theater, orchestra and sports events were again held on the Volksplatz, in addition to what were now anti-fascist rallies. Since the 1960s, many international films were shown here as part of the summer festival, which could not otherwise be seen on GDR state television. While the square was initially out of use after the fall of the Wall, the “Association for the Preservation and Operation of the Volksplatz” was founded in 1994, which promoted its renewed use.[7] Today, various event formats are cultivated on the square, especially various parties and concerts. In addition, a summer cinema is held regularly, following on from the summer festivals of GDR times.[8]

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