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Bochum- Wienkopp/ NRW

The open-air stage Wienkopp, located opposite the observatory Bochum, of which only a few fragments are recognizable today, is an interesting feature in many respects: It had already existed since 1931 and was constructed by an association led by volunteers, which was close to Catholic circles. In 1933 alone, 42 performances were staged in front of 82,000 visitors, making the open-air theater one of the most successful in the Reich. These numbers could not be repeated during the Nazi regime; efforts to convert the open-air stage into a Thing site failed.[1]

Inauguration: 1931
Name (historic)
open-air stage Wienkopp
Usage (historic)

1931“Parsifal” in the adaptation by Macholin[1]
1932Passion Play, 80,000 visitors[2]
1933“Jedermann” in the adaptation by C. Niessen, 42 performances, 82,000 visitors[3]
1934Repetition of the Passion Play[4]
Ende Mai 1934„Volk bricht auf“ (the people’s awakening) by Herbert Böhme[5]

Further Info:

The construction of the open-air stage had already been initiated in 1931 by the Linden pastor Heinrich Ostermann, who knew how to use the advantageous location and the natural acoustics in the best possible way.[7] After occasional great successes in the years 1931 – 1934, the religious orientation of the open-air plays was no longer tolerated by the Nazi rulers.[8] After the supporting association, the Freilichtspiele Wienkopp e.V., became insolvent in 1934[9] and was finally dissolved by the Nazi regime on December 12, 1935,[10] the open-air stage was also no longer used. Attempts by the Reichsbund to take over the stage, however, failed due to the slow processing time of the city of Bochum.[11] The stage was then sold to the Reichsbund.

After the end of the war, Passion Plays were held for the last time on the rebuilt open-air stage in 1949. Eventually, however, further use was abandoned for economic reasons.


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