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The Thingstätte at Bad Segeberg still strongly resembles the way the original one looked. Goebbels, present at the inauguration in 1937, described it as the official political church of national socialism and wrote in his diary: “The Feierstätte (celebration site) is passable. It is not a work of art but nevertheless passable.” This commentary validates the efforts of the architect Fritz Schaller who skillfully integrated the building into the old limestone quarry. In national socialist times in Germany the Thingplatz, which would later be referred to as “Nordmark – Feierstätte” was hardly ever used. Since 1952 the Karl-May-Festspiele, a theatre festival based on the works of the author Karl May, attracts large crowds and takes place there regularly, partly because of the excellent acoustics.

General specifications:

Groundbreaking / Inauguration
29.05.1934 / 10.10.1937
Fritz Schaller, Berlin     
Historical name / contemporary name 
Nordmark- Feierstätte[1] / Kalkbergstadion[2]

Historical Use

1938So called „Führerthing der Nordmarkjugend“, Führungstreffen HJ/ BDM
In the original  form„Die Schlacht der weißen Schiffe“ from Hendrik Herse


Contemporary use
Concerts: /

Interesting Facts:
This thingplatz was part of the official building program and was part of the first 66.

The workers from the Reich‘s worker group used to arrive on bikes from the worker’s site nearby.

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