„Visionary Sightseeing Binoculars” is an interactive public art project by that took place in Berlin, Borna, and Herchen-Windeck, Germany, in 2015.

It aimes to stimulate diverse public awareness and discussion on the past and possible future uses of the architectural form of the Thingstätte.

Rebecca Hackemann - Visionary sightseeing Binoculars - Interactive Public Art Project on Thingstätten Architecture built during National Socialism in Germany. Thingstätte Research Thingstätte Forschungsprojekt Thingplatz Interdisziplinär Architektur International Bauten Kunst Nationalsozialismus Forschung Erinnerungskultur FH Bielefeld Freilichtbühne Katharina Bosse Amphitheater Nazizeit Thingplatz Interdisciplinary National Socialism International Nazi Art Architecture FH Bielefeld Building Culture of Remembrance Amphitheater open-air theater

The Thingstätten are architectural forms that have been denounced by the German public and left to decay for 60 years, many situated in forests. They were used by the National Socialist Party in Germany in the 1930s to conduct youth plays, political rallies and propaganda.

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